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Ohio Township Association Risk Management Authority (OTARMA) is a governmental risk-sharing pool whose Members consist solely of Ohio Townships.  Read more

OTARMA Announces $1 Million Capital Distribution 
The OTARMA Board of Directors is very pleased to announce that in 2015, OTARMA will once again distribute funds to all of its members.  Read more

Managing Ohio Risk Exposures Risk Management Grant Program
The MORE Grant Program is designed to assist OTARMA Members in financing risk management initiatives to reduce or eliminate risk exposures that lead to liability and property claims.  Read more 

OTARMA Photo Contest
OTARMA photo contest
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Nick Schwab  taken Oct
Nancy White 2014
Tom Willsey  2014
Joyce Fetzer  taken Oct
Connie Fink 2014
2010 OTARMA Photo M Funk
Matt DeTemple 2014

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The pavement was dry and the visibility was clear...... 

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